Saturday, February 11, 2012

The twins are potty-trained, time to start blogging again. Brady was just begging Carson to share something with him. C said no, because "it hurts my heart to share things with people."
Immediately after I wrote this, Carson touched something I had just told him absolutely not to touch. "Didn't you hear me tell you not to touch it?" I asked. "Yes." "Why didn't you obey me?" "Well, my head heard you but my hands didn't," he grinned at me.

This made my night! So funny! So glad you are back to blogging, girl.
Hi, Aunt Judy! I've missed your blog! And I'm SO excited to come visit y'all this summer!
Wow. Funny, but Carson is too smart for his own britches!!!
Look at how grown-up everyone is! They look so happy and beautiful.

Hope Alaska is treating you well!
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