Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm really glad I didn't stress over Logan and Riley getting little pen knives. They keep losing them. They find them in a pocket, have them around for a day or so, and proceed to lose them for weeks at a time. So there's less to worry about there.

It's still bright sunshine outside - and nearly 9:30 at night. Sunset is about 2 hours away! Still kinda freaks me out. We have one day from when we get up until about naptime, then it's like a whole other day from about 4:00 or so until 11:30. We call it "second afternoon" along the lines of the Hobbits' "second breakfast."

Judy, I can't imagine. My kids would never sleep! I have enough trouble during the summer with them as it is. I would definitely need black-out curtains.
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