Friday, June 26, 2009

Dank, Pee-pie.

Some quips:

Every time we get where we can see the ocean I say "look, guys, the ocean!" and after a few days Riley answered one time "Yeah, yeah, the muddy beach." The inlet has pretty extreme tides, and when it's out the mud flats go on forever.

Then the other day I was exclaiming over the mountains, which are dramatically beautiful and she said, "Mom, to an adult the mountains are like WOW, THOSE ARE REALLY BEAUTIFUL and whatever but to a kid it's like, oh yeah pretty. Now what can I do."

Brady's first attempt to say "motorcycle" = maint-uh-hi-hi-co-co. So we keep saying it over and over.

This morning when he thanked me for breakfast he said "Dank, Pee-pie." Which I think meant "thanks, people" because I say to the kids "okay, people..." all the time.

I'm gonna use that for a mild oath.
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