Sunday, June 28, 2009


My recent blogging attempts have been completely thwarted! Once I got out alone (small miracle) found a coffee shop with wi-fi, got online and ready to upload some stuff and - blip - my battery died with no available outlets nearby to plug into. Then the other night I went to 3 (THREE) different places before I found a place A) open, B) with wi-fi and THEN, just as I got online I heard "Borders will be closing in 10 minutes" so, it's just not been working out!

Here are some recent quotes.

Saturday was the 50th year of statehood celebration for Alaska, and I took the 3 olders and O downtown to check it out. We were standing at a tent watching a potter do his pottery thing, and he was talking about what he was doing, explaining stuff to the kids. He got to the point where he was beginning the clay on the wheel, and formed it up into a tower, then pushed it down, tower, down, tower, down and Emmie finally said "Do you even know what you're doing?" and cracked up all the people watching him.

Emmie is now telling people she spells her name "EmmY"

Today in Sunday School a little boy in her class said "I don't want any girls near me! to which she replied "Then who's gonna nurse your babies?"

Thanks for perservering! I love reading your makes me smile :) We continue to pray for your settling there...btw, was your sanity in the garage with the shoes and clothes?
Shouldn't you change the name of your blog? Maybe "life in 'ska"?
Emmie, a.k.a. Emmy, is a practical, if not yet fully diplomatic, girl. you go!
HAHAHAHA! Tell that little boy, Emmie! ;)

Miss you guys!
I can't believe you guys are there.
We miss you so much. Let us know what the kids are up to. I've been missing the blog. Go girl
Love Dad
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