Monday, February 16, 2009

This is a little gross, but funny (to me, anyway.)

A few months ago I broke a toe, and the nail turned purple/black. When it didn't have nail polish covering it, Carson would always mess with it - a little obsessed with that toe. Today he played with it and the nail came off - but was still a little attached at first. He was freaked but enthralled, and wouldn't leave it alone, saying "EEEEWWWW! EEEEEEWWWWW!" over and over. I kept hiding it under the coffee table or trying to get him to leave it alone but he just couldn't. It was gross - all the dried blood junk under the nail was kinda freaky - and he was totally fascinated.

New - they like to boss each other. If I tell one to do something the other acts like the enforcer. For instance, if I say "Carson, come eat your yummy lunch" Brady (already sitting at the table) will yell "Carcun! Eat! Num-num!" Or if I say "Brady, don't touch the fireplace!" Carson will say "Baby! No-no! Momma!" They are truly hilarious.

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