Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little people updates

Carson - says all the time "nack? nack?" wanting a snack, or "a nummy dith?" meaning, I suppose, a yummy this...loves food. Today I filled the bird feeder and he was looking at the bag of birdseed saying "nack? nack?" and I answered "no, this is for the birds to eat." He thought for a minute and said "birdieth nummy dith?" He loves to order Brady around (older by 45 seconds) and orders him away from the computer saying "no, baby, mommy'th!"

Brady - still repeats everything, loves to sing. Grabbed the little toy microphone tonight and serenaded me for about 10 minutes straight. Loves to be tender to momma.

Emmie - still thinks everything more than about 10 minutes away is Texas. If we drive downtown she asks "when will we be back in Arkansas?"

Logan - stuffed his pants to avoid a spank today for the first time - he and Emmie ran up and put on 5-6 pairs of pants apiece. I had to laugh.

Riley - thinks it's so great when Carson or Brady prefer her to me when they're crying - usually after I tell them no about something. She's a great "big sister".

Me - About 30 days left, BP still wacky and up too high even on meds. Having a non-stress test for the baby Friday. He freaked me out and wasn't moving much from last night through this morning, then went nuts when the Doctor was about to listen for the heartbeat. This one's got me all nervous!

remember when i did what Logan did - Dad wasn't too happy!
Praying for you! Love ya...please let me know if I can do anything to be of help.
I love reading your blog because I always get a good laugh! Children are so precious. I remember considering stuffing my pants one time, but then decided that the spanking would probably be worse if I did. :)
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