Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carson is finally talking more...his latest: "Go 'way!" (to Brady when B tried to comfort him), "Dank!" (thanks), and "Hold you!" Yelled, of course. And then there's "BEE-BITT!" which is his blanket. Sunday for Jeff's birthday I brought home donuts from Shipleys and he recognized the box and started yelling "NO-NUT!" Every now and then I'll get them donut holes from Shipleys and apparently he totally knows the logo...

Brady talks a lot, repeats everything, and loves to sing (relatively carrying a tune.) He loves to play with the fake food with Emmie - I asked her if she was having fun with someone to "feed" and she answered "it's like having my very own child!" He follows her around with puppy-dog eyes.

she "got her own brother" as Riley use to tell her
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