Tuesday, February 03, 2009

5 weeks left!

I'm happy to NOT be on bed rest, even though my BP was increasingly up. My OB gave me some BP meds that will help for the rest of the pregnancy, and he's plannning to schedule the C-section at about 38 1/2 weeks. So today the kids and I are making a paper chain (a la Deb) to count down the days!

We still don't have a name (although today Em suggested Cupid "because there aren't any Cupids in the world"). We'll take suggestions (sometimes with a grain of salt.)

We're finishing the school day at the coffee table with me laid out on the couch - wouldn't it be nice to feel the freedom to laze around even when not way pregnant? Maybe not - I like feeling productive and I definitely don't feel productive (except in the sense of producing a little person.) I do like lying here listening to the kids sweetly (a miracle in and of itself) do their work with Emmie singing at my feet. She and Brady always have a song...

cupid sounds good to me. he was the son of Mars and Venus. only problem was his and his brothers reputation for wild debauchery.
josh says jackson, nathan says gibson, and rob says he'll think about it
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