Wednesday, November 19, 2008

kid updates

Logan is reading to Emmie. Wow. They're having a post-awana snack and she just said "Okay, now get back to reading." Thanks to World Magazine and their book list stuff that said for boys his age the sillier the book the better, I found stuff he likes.

Some recent funny things...
Last week Em dressed up with a tutu, cape, and other accessories and came singing to me "La-la-la La-la-la, I'm fairy au contrairy and I'm giving people snacks!"

Brady and Carson poach my food constantly. I got a yogurt out and sat down to eat it, ending up feeding it all to them (like tiny birds, they stand with open mouths grunting for food.) Got myself a new yogurt, same thing happened. Got a third out and said to Brady (Carson was full) "Okay, Brady, this one's for Momma." To which he frowned and replied indignantly "MY! MY!"

Carson loves to come up and tickle my toes. He grins and says, "A dubby-dubby-dubby" while he tickles. This was funnier before I broke a toe on my right foot and now have to protect it from myself and five children.

Let's words. Brady says "Muh-ma'am" for Yes Ma'am, "na-noo" for thank you. Carson mostly grins at him proudly while Brady speaks. Now and then Carson will come out with a sentence like "Day-ya-go" for there you go, or "OO-at-dat!" for look at that. But mostly he runs around like a wild monkey, randomly biting people and attacking my computer whenever I turn around.

Wouldn't know anything about that biting habit...J/K!
Ty, and Landon still, are terrible food snaggers. I'll confess to hiding behind the kitchen island to eat dessert while their in the living room...although Eric still makes me show him how much I started with :)
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