Monday, November 24, 2008

"Christmas Macaroni"

I'm going to try to write this without gagging.

This morning I had a check-up at the OB, and Jeff decided to make mac 'n cheese for the kids for lunch. I came home right as he was serving it up, and he (very kindly) brought me a plate as I plopped down on the couch. As I began chewing the second bite, I realized something was dreadfully wrong. The kids (except for Emmie, who was finished) were begging not to eat it, and Riley had her head down on the table with a miserable look on her face. As I began to fight the growing nausea, I asked Jeff what on earth was wrong with the macaroni.

He replied that he didn't think I would notice, and he would tell me once I finished eating. As if. It began to dawn on me that we were out of milk (I had just brought some home from Kroger) and there was an eggy-cinnamon taste in my mouth - therefore, he had to have used EGG-NOG instead of milk. He admitted it. He claimed that he didn't think it would make much of a difference.

After the nasty taste left my mouth we were able to laugh about it. Jeff has named his new specialty "Christmas Macaroni" or possibly "Crottsmas Macaroni." He's planning to see if the twins will eat it.

too much!
Oh, my! That made me laugh out loud and gag all at the same time! Not an easy feat... :)
OH MY GOODNESS! That is so funny. I could see Jimmy doing something like that, well maybe not THAT, but something along those lines! :)
Yikes - just make sure he doesn't bring it to the office staff party.
Very creative! Gotta love that Em!
oh no! Well, first I hope your appointment went well and second, that is just gross. Who drinks eggnog anyway? Much less use it in mac and cheese...but, hey you gotta love him for stepping in and helping out and way to go Emmie for trying it. You did'nt know you liked chocolate chip cookies till you tried them. (he he)
Oh. My. Gravy! Jeff! Dude!!!! But at least he tried, gotta give him props for that. Didn't think it would matter...ha!
Yes yes, props for creativity. But it just goes to show: some men are friends with the kitchen, and others may do better to keep it a long-distance acquaintance.
that's funny - disgusting, but funny.

Jude, your family is growing up so quickly. Hard to believe how big the kids are since we saw you guys last. Great to see pics of your parents doing well.
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