Wednesday, September 03, 2008

rainy days and mondays

A little update. I posted a bunch of pics. Saturday we went to Magic Springs and the kids thought it was heaven. Or at least heaven-like. They had so much fun! I don't have pics of them at the water park since I let Jeff do that and took the twins to shade...but they were beside themselves to know that this place exists, in Arkansas, and we've never gone before. It was a great official end to summer.

The dress-up pics are my kids answer to rainy days - what could be more fun than dressing up two babies? The twins went along with the fun, mostly. Brady got a little weirded out by the unicorn costume after about 15 minutes (it's hot) and Carson didn't like the dragon head or the hunter's outfit, but by and large they had fun with it.

New words for Brady: I heard him say "Emmie" (I swear I did) and "Wiwee" (I think)
New for Carson: "uh-uh" for everything, "uh-oh baby!"

We love Magic Springs! It is a great place for families. In fact next year, Tim said we are staying home for vacation and buying season passes for Magic Springs. He wants to go everyday. I am glad the kids had fun.
Sounds like a fun end of the summer treat for your kids! We need to go there sometime!
Aw. The big kids have there very own live baby dolls.
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