Thursday, September 25, 2008

kiddo update

Let's start with Brady. Brady loves to sing. He loves to dance. Dancing involves, for the most part, leaning his head from one side to the other and smiling. If he is standing he may bend at the knees while doing this. Anytime I break out in song, which happens often and randomly, he will dance and/or sing along.

Brady's words: "rock-rock" is "ott-ott", "thank you" is "ott-yott" and "you're welcome" is also "ott-yott" or sometimes "ott-da" depending on...I don't know what. "Heh-wo" (self-explanatory), "El-wo" is Elmo and an assortment of other cartoon or furry creatures. He'll generally answer "uh-huh" for yes, "uh-uh" for no.

As far as Carson goes, he's inordinately attached to Jeff and spazzes when I try to take him from Jeff, ever. He goes into mourning when Jeff leaves for work. But he's very good-natured and also gets over it quickly. He loves to climb (onto the table) and loves my computer (which is on the table). He loves his blanket, loves open cabinets, and loves books.

Carson's words: still "da baby!" for Brady, "hi", "OOOH AH DAT" which I think meant "look at that" one time upon seeing a balloon (and I'm pretty sure he said "boon" for the balloon but he hasn't repeated it.) He doesn't speak much but is always busy and quick with a smile!

They're growing like crazy, and they love each other but fight like baby tiger cubs...

So adorable! I miss seeing them on Tuesdays! How are YOU, Judy?
a few more weeks til I get my hands on them - as mom would say!
I'm pretty sure Brady said "doctah" the other night when we were playing with the doctor kit in nursery--he held up the stethescope when he said it. :)
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