Thursday, July 10, 2008

I HAVE to boast - I just beat Jeff in Monopoly. See, we have different strategies - mine is play it safe, his is buy everything in sight and put houses on it even if you have to mortgage other stuff to do it. It totally works! I played the "Jeff" way and even though it makes me nervous there's no going back.

Updates on the kids:
Brady says "Ock-ock" or "ott-ott" when he rocks on his little rocking horse.

Carson yells "Dis! Dis! Dis!" when he finds something he likes - it means "this". He also taunts Brady - holds a toy out and then pulls it away and laughs! It's pretty funny.

Emmie said to me today "Momma, tell me some important things about God."

Logan came to me to tell me that Riley REALLY wants a bouquet of flowers all her own for her birthday. He is so tender to her.

Riley - she's the best ever. Yesterday she kept saying "you know what I can't wait for about tomorrow? Latin!" We did our first Latin lesson and she loves it.

As for Jeff, he wrote a book review for the TMS Journal and is happy to have it done!

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