Saturday, July 19, 2008

Carson said "Brady" last night - he and I were downstairs and Brady was up in his crib crying. Carson got all worried and looked at me with big eyes and said "BA-DY!"

Brady's new word - upon seeing the banana I was peeling for him "na-na, na-na." The boy likes his food.

They grab each other's high chair trays and steal off each other's trays the stuff they really like. Carson was stealing all the potatoes from Brady tonight (Brady wasn't eating them.) I quote to them all the time "Jack Sprat could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean" because Carson will eat all his fruit and/or veg and then take Brady's (who spits out basically anything other than bananas.) Brady will steal Carson's meat or cheese bits. If I really want one to eat what he has I have to make sure they're out of reach of each other...

I saw them do that in the nursery with cheerios. They are sooo cute. :)
that is a riot.

funny how you can already tell one is a "protein man" and the other a "veggie man".

reminded me a little of the story of jacob and esau ... not the ugly part, just the way they were so different. i miss those boys!!! (the others, too)
Sounds like our house. Now ours they just pass off the food they don't like by dumping it on the other one's tray!
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