Thursday, July 17, 2008

Carson had his little surgery this morning and did great. We were in and out by about 10:30am. I'm glad to have it over and done with! He's got some pain-killers and an antibiotic, and looks to be recovering well so far.

I'm sitting on the couch and the twins are both wanting to play with the fireplace. When I say "No-no" Carson looks at me and says "hoo-doo," and Brady points at the fireplace and shakes his head and says "uh-uh." I don't know what "hoo-doo" means but I think it's his form of saying "I'll touch the fireplace if I want to touch the fireplace."

i know what "hoo doo"
means - "who do you think you are?" :)
poor baby ... how is he feeling?
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