Friday, June 06, 2008

Anti-climactic birthday

Em said something today like "if a bird ate me, I would still be alive because they don't have any teeth."

The twins are one. Everyone told me that the first year would be the hardest so now we'll see if that's true. I'm cautiously hopeful.

I bought them just two presents - a little r/c car (with one big button) and a little tent (for indoors). It just seems like they have tons of stuff already and they wouldn't notice anyway. And I was tired while shopping. But they had a blast and all the kids like to get in the tent...together.

They ate cupcakes and made a huge mess, after which I put them out on the porch in their tiny blow-up pool for a bath. It's so little they can crawl in and out of it repeatedly (which got most of the cake off.) This is either lazier or more resourceful on my part, not sure which. I did use actual baby soap on them though. My tired little one-year-olds went to bed sweetly. Time for me to do the same.

wow, they're ONE?? Can't believe it. Happy Birthday Boys!

We didn't get Evie anything for her bday! :-s She had a huge Korean bday party and a regular cake party... After the parties, receiving gifts from others, etc, we just didn't get her anything. I too didn't think she needed anything else... and felt she was a little on the young side to understand. hehehe.

Em is hilarious... like every picture totally is adorable cheese monkey.
I agree with Tami - they're ONE? Already? Wow!! Belated happy birthday, guys!!!
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