Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey! Wanna see my vacation slides? Let me get out the projector...

Well here are some pictures - just of the Grand Canyon so far. I think I took something like 600 pictures of this trip. A little camera-happy, even for me. One Emmie-ism that sticks in my mind is when we had been driving around Santa Clarita with Jeff and I reminiscing. To Emmie it must have sounded like this "this is where we blah-blah-blah" and "oh we used to blah-blah-blah here" and she finally piped up "Dad, why are all the stories just about you? I wanna hear a story about plumpy the elephant!" But we've never heard of "plumpy the elephant" - she just made that up.

More pics tomorrow (or whenever I get there)

love the pics.
so glad you are home SAFE.
maybe she was talking about me again
Between what Em said and what Deb said I'm finding this quite entertaining... and trying not to laugh too loud at work.
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