Sunday, May 04, 2008

Everyone...but me

Emmie was having a bit of a pity party tonight on the way to Walmart. We passed a yard with a tramoline, so she said "How come everyone has a trampoline but me?" then a yard with a play car - "How come everyone has a play car but me?" I stopped for a second to look at something in W and she piped up "How come everyone has a Bible but me - how come everyone in my class has a Bible...and an iPod! And everyone brings stuffed animals but me!" It's nice to be four - your pity parties are still cute.

I know one little girl who she is talking about that brings a stuffed animal to sunday school.
Have a great, hopefully restful (at least somewhat restful), fun time in California.
It's true - I asked her how many actually brought stuffed animals and she said "well, Camille did. And you NEVER let me!" Only because I know she'll leave it though...
praying for your family during the trip!!!!
missing you ...
haha! if it makes her feel better, you can tell her that anna and abby do not have trampolines, toy cars, stuffed animals in church (i make them leave them in the van) OR ipods even! i'm a 'meanie' too i guess! oh, the drama of girls!
Oh how funny! If it helps, Nin doesn't have a trampoline or an iPod. The only reason we have toy cars is because my sister and her inlaws were both getting rid of theirs.
tell her Aunt Deb doesn't even have an ipod :(
and also tell her my 40 year old pity parties are still cute
tell her that an ipod will give her brain cancer, gas prices are too high even for a toy car, stuffed animals give you allergies, and a trampoline will make her a quadriplegic
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