Thursday, April 24, 2008

what a month...

It's been quite a week, quite a month. My mom was here for two weeks, Ginny & Mark were here for a week (he fixed everything - almost - in the house that I've been meaning to get around to), Johnny and Jeff's mom were here for our church's "surprise party" for us, and last night we bought a Suburban! The kids can't believe all the room they have now, as well as the other perks like heat/air in the back and windows that roll down!

I'm feeling very blessed. Emmie and I were thankful together for the Lord's provision as we drove home from dropping Riley and Logan off at Academy. The babies were happy to have someone sitting by them in the middle seat (putting Brady's pacifier in).

Some recent Emmie-isms:

"Momma, can you teach me to write like a human?" (this morning - she meant not in printing but in cursive)

And this exchange between E and L:

L: I sawn a colt! (looking out the window as we drove)
E: You mean "saw" Logan, not "sawn". Sawn is not a word. Sometimes you get saw and sawn mixed up. (she has heard me say this no less than a hundred times)

Do you love your suburban???? I love mine. What year and what color??
yes I love it - it's tan (or taupe?) and 2003
I hope the gas bill for the new beast-mo-bile isn't gonna KILL you!! :-s In just a little bit, gas is going to be up past $4/gal here!! :(
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