Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When's Spring?

Someone has been sick in this household - at least one out of the seven of us (usually Carson) - for nearly two months straight. This week it's Brady, Carson, and Emmie (potent combo of cold/cough/stomach virus). Thank the Lord that Jeff cleans vomit. I love having twins, but projectile-vomiting twins are stretching me a bit.

Jeff went to CA last week and defended his dissertation - so all we have left to that saga are some last edits to the paper. That's a relief!

I mailed off my taxes this morning. That's almost as big of a relief. Now all I need to do is sterilize my house (I won't go into detail about the leaking green diaper crud)and I'm all set. I'm seriously considering not making dinner.

i love you - you poor baby girl!
soooooo sorry!!!

we're praying for you big time.

hey check out the video of carson enjoying brady's hair at the zoo. i was able to figure out how to put it on my blog!
wonderful update!!! thanks for all the pics and video. The place you guys took them to looks like so much fun. :) (esp the hospital nursery -- that was way cute).
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