Monday, March 24, 2008

I wish I could put a video on of Jeff's "Patty-cake Dance." He'd kill me. It's pretty fun though.

Carson especially loves patty-cake. If he is within earshot and I say "are you ready?" he sits up, grinning, and puts his hands together. He can be totally bummed, crying, whatever, and he's always cheered by a little patty-cake. Cracks me up. What's even funnier is that with the twin factor one will watch me playing with the other and enjoy it vicariously. Truly hilarious. Brady thinks it's fun just to clap, with or without the words.

Emmie loves the boys. She loves to run up to them and yell "BOO-YAH!!!!" Usually it makes them laugh, sometimes it scares them. In general they love her even when she loves them a bit too hard.

Logan is finally better - whatever he had lasted a long time and he hasn't had any energy until today. He was doing laps around the house until I told him to go out back and run around on the porch. Which he did. Then he did a little show outside the window as he ran back and forth. He's back to normal.

They (R & L) went to the dentist today - which is like some kind of special event to them. They love it. Sad, but true.

Brady has screamed off and on through the last two nights and my brain is done. I went to church yesterday (for the first time in two months) and felt like I kept talking too much - you know, like I haven't seen many people so I just kept talking?

I've done the talking too much too. I always get home after and think--did someone slip me coffee or what ???? lol
IT was great to see you at church yesterday! I totally understand about talking too much. i love your posts and the pics. I will be praying that your house will get back to "Normal" and I'll get to see and talk to you more.
i want the patty-cake dance!!!!!!
most moms of babies can relate to the talking too much thing... just the presence of another grown-up human being can make me divulge some deep, dark secrets... don't know why. it was good to see you. Your babies have gotten so BIG!
I'm glad that you made it to church last Sunday and pray that you will be there tomorrow (or rather this morning), also. Keep up the wonderful work of motherhood, Judy. You're making such a difference in the lives of five little individuals!
okay ... you've had 2 votes for the patty-cake dance.

where is it?!!?**??@@??!!
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