Friday, February 08, 2008

Home again home again

Another crazy week. I'm glad to have Carson home and doing better. Tuesday I called the pediatrician to get him an appointment and they sent us to the ER. Today we came home! He's much better but still recovering from pneumonia. Brady is sick too (RSV) and on the mend. Jeff has now twice had to tend the sick ones at home while I'm in the hospital with Carson. Let's hope this doesn't become a habit.

The kids were all excited to have us back. Carson and Brady were happy to see each other, and Carson was very happy to see the other kids. Very sweet.

To all who prayed for him, thank you. He is such a trooper through all the I.V. needles, breathing treatments, oxygen tubing, x-rays, etc. He kept a happy spirit throughout and is such a little sweetie. I tried to have as good an attitude as he did, but I may have gotten a bit grumpy once or twice...

ahhhh... so glad you're home and recovering! puts my "suffering" from a little cold to shame. :( The boys are just tooo cute and they look like happy little troopers.
glad you're home(and you could blog about it!)
I didn't know Carson had pneumonia...glad he is doing better!!! I'm actually recovering from pneumonia is much harder on little ones, though. I hope you have had some rest.
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