Saturday, January 05, 2008

Here's the little buds playing together

So cute! I bet, in some ways, having twins (at least at this age) might be easier than having one. It looks like they don't mind playing on the floor as long as they are with each other. My babies hated to be put down and left alone. Of course, I am just going on this video as evidence for this thought! I am BY NO MEANS saying having twins in the house is easy!!!! We miss you guys!
Krista! I'm so offended that you think this is EASY. Just kidding. I know what you're saying - and if they weren't as individually easy as they are (and they really are very flexible except Brady can't stand to be hungry wet or poopy) this would be exponentially crazier. They are exceptionally good-natured!
they are at a great age...carson (i think) looks like judy here, and brady (or..?) has jeff's expressions

i want to play on the floor with them
me, too!
can you believe that they were both INSIDE you ... not that long ago?!?!?
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