Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carson stealing the pacifier, part 2 (Brady just can't get it back!)

Those are such cute videos!

I have been reconsidering my train of thought that twins might be easier in some ways! There are lots of factors I didn't consider when I originally proposed that idea.

Factor #1: Babies love to grab each other's faces. I have always had to keep my babies away from other babies and had to keep little ones apart in the nursery. This video just reminded me of that!

Factor #2: Babies love to take toys away. In a family, there is usually an older child that can be a little more understanding about keeping their things out of reach of littler ones, not taking things from helpless babies, sharing, etc. Not so with twins!

Hmmm...these videos are very educational. :)
I share the frustration!!!
How adorable.
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