Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Okay, for all the curious - tyey weighed in yesterday. at 4 months:

Carson - 16lbs, 11oz
Brady - 17lbs, 8oz

Chunky monkeys.

chunky is right!
i'd have guessed that carson would be heaviest ... what was that you call him? oh, yeah, mistah chubb!nltg
they weigh MORE than my 8-month old!!! WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING THEM???

I think that is good. Elijah, Dawn's 2nd, weight almost 14 lbs at 7 weeks. He was 7lbs 12oz at birth. Who knows what he weighs now :) chunky babies are fun, they are so squeezable :D
um...in a few weeks, they will probably weigh more than my almost-2-year old! :-)
Yeah, I was gonna say that Judah (17 mo.) is only 22 lbs! And then there's Lijah, as my mom said. I have a lollipop and a pork chop. But you, my friend, have TWO adorable pork chops!
How funny! What cuties!!!!
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