Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Love the shirts, GInny. Deb - these are the pants you got them and the boys are already too chubby! They wore them Sunday but just barely fit

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love the tan jeans!!!
oh, my word, they are so stinking adorable!!!
i just can't wait to meet them!!!
little happy square faces :-)
i'll smooch 'em up too, when i have the chance.
they look so healthy & happy! I can't beleive they feel as heavy as Evie. I am curious to know exactly how much they weigh now.
so yeah, the not sure who is who.. but as I was telling you earlier - the one on the left looks like Ri & Em to me, and the one on the right looks like Logan. (to me -- I'm sure ppl will think just the opposite.) :-)
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