Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Carson's home

Carson is home from the hospital. I'm glad to see him better. I took him to the clinic Saturday morning at about 8:30 and the doctor sent us on to the ER, and then he was admitted that afternoon. Through that whole day he was as sweet as he could be, flirting with everyone who came in the room and pretty much his cheerful self. Sunday was rougher, and he wasn't really doing well with his breathing. That night he had some oxygen and was able to sleep a lot of the night with me holding him upright, and then seemed to turn the corner Monday morning. He's still wheezy and full of snot but is more like himself. I'm really thankful to be home! Arkansas Children's Hospital is just another world.

While I was in the ER I listened to a podcast by an NPR guy who has cancer, and he was commenting on how when you're in the hospital it becomes a microcosm - and it's hard to imagine life going on as normal in the outside world. It feels so isolated! I spent Sunday basically on the edge of my seat either holding Carson or watching him get suctioned and breathing treatments, or just watching him sleep and watching his oxygen levels go lower and lower. I'm really thankful that he came through it and we're home. The hospital was also a window into a world totally different that the one I'm used to - we had some really interesting people sharing our room. Let's just say that not all people are kind and thoughtful of others...

Brady is sick, not to the level Carson was, but was up much of the night. He's just stuffy and junky in his nose and coughing and kind of miserable. Emmie and Riley have a touch of it, but seem better already since yesterday.

To those of you who prayed for us - thank you.

oh, how I understand being in the hospital!!! Hope was there last Monday through Friday, also pneumonia. You do forget time and life outside. I'm sooo glad Carson is doing better. I will be praying no one else gets it.
Praise God for His kindness to you guys! Is pneumonia still going around BCLR? Three out of the four of us had the walking pneumonia (mycoplasma) shortly after we moved here. We got it as a parting gift/ going away present from Bible Church!
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