Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy sayings

Talk about random. Emmie and I were resting on the couch together and she looked up and said "Momma, if I were a shell, would you ever pick me up?" I laughed and nodded. She said, "If I were that shell right there would you pick me up? If I were the shell and you were Emmie?" I laughed again and said yes, so she went on "and would you if I were that shell, that shell right there and you were Momma?" She is my queen random nut.

Yesterday, after a brief squabble that I was trying to get to the bottom of, Logan (in explanation of his own actions) actually said, "It was an accident! My mouth just flew open and it bit her!"

To be fair, I think he meant he was falling and his tooth hit Riley, or something like that. But in the moment, I just laughed and laughed. Riley was not amused at first.

i laughed so hard at logan!
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