Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today in a desperate moment I packed the kids up and headed to Walmart for a blow-up pool. All that they had left were baby pools so that's what we got.

When I came out my battery was dead in the van. It was 100+ degrees and miserable but Jeff came to the rescue. Let's just say that being stuck in the heat wave with five children wasn't my favorite.

It was worth it though. After two weeks of not playing outside (unless I gave them the hose) they played out for three hours!

I wasn't made for this weather. I'm from MAINE for crying out loud.

i feel your pain (payne) :)
i don't like the heat either - i could stand for a cool Maine lake right now...we went swimming the other day in this 105 degree weather & even the water was warm!!!
i agree with you guys...swelter skelter!!!
i think about MAINE every day.
i still want to go back to hogan pond some day.
why do you guys all want me to move OUTTA Maine, then?!?!@*!??
BTW ... the nights are nice and cool here now, and days have been in the 70's, and breezy ... ;D

c'mon up for a visit!!!
quit swearin' you maine hillbilly - we want to visit! ...i still want you in va
i'm ready for another hogan pond visit - but don't think jude is ever gonna be ready!!!!!!!!
Stranded at Walmart in the heat with 5 littles---ahhh the stuff my nightmares are made of..... you brave soul!

oh-the slings are cute--there's a pic somewhere on my blog of me and Mimi wearing our slings.
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