Sunday, July 22, 2007

This is our family's new favorite CD.

This is the one Tim & Hannah gave us when the twins were born, and I think it's pretty much been played every day since we've had it. Emmie's favorite is "Bears" - "bears, bears, they've got no cares/Bears don't drink from a cup/Sharp teeth and claws and furry paws/To catch you and eat you up" that's the chorus. Her favorite verse of it goes like this, "No, grizzly bears don't wear underwear/Socks or jammies, or gloves/No, baby bears don't wear diapers/No pampers no huggies no luvs."

Well, I was enjoying blogging for a minute but this is life with six-week old twins. When I think it's going well and they're sound asleep it's usually just that I've forgotten to turn on the baby monitor. I just remembered to, and Carson is freaking. Have a great day!

i love childrens' music!!! : ) i still have my raffi & sesame street live records!
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