Friday, July 27, 2007

Emmie's new 'do

I told myself when it happened that I wouldn't put it on the blog. I was just too upset. I guess I just didn't think she'd do something like this, even though she IS just a 3 1/2 year-old.

I love her. She's wearing a headband today to try to make it look a little better, but there's really nothing I can do - check out the pictures. It will be months before the shortest stuff is grown out, and it is in no way inconspicuous.

Let's face it. She gave herself a mullet.

When Emmie does something, she does it all the way, I'll say that about her!

Years from now, her siblings will be able to pull this story out at family dinners, as proof of her "middle child syndrome". That's what we do with Gena!
OH MY!!! I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD! i can barely contain myself! this is TOOO HILARIOUS, because it IS A MULLET!!!!! LOL!!!!!! I'm hysterical! MISS YOU GUYS!
move to flori-duh...mullets are still cool down here :-)
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