Sunday, June 10, 2007

We're all home!

We came home this afternoon. God has been very kind to us in letting us all come home together! Brady was in the NICU from birth until Friday night, but he and Carson are both doing really well, eating and sleeping and doing just what newborns should do.

For the record, their names are Carson James (aka "baby A") and Brady John (aka "baby B). They were 6lbs 15oz each, and 19" and 19 3/4" respectively. Wow. They came out screaming, and within a minute or so they were screaming in unison... very cute. They're fraternal.

I'm going to sleep now. While I can.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! We're SOOO happy for you guys!

The Kims
We are praising the Lord for answered prayers!!! They are just adorable. I think Brady looks like Logan and Carson looks like Riley. Emmie is just her own unique little self :)

I've been showing off their pictures! You have the most beautiful kids. :)
they are gorgeous.
we are so happy for you all ... can't wait to see them.
Jeff and Judy,
They are precious! What a blessing! Does fraternal mean they will be identical? Miss you guys!
Love, Scott and Amanda
okay, are now hereby inducted into the mothers hall of fame! congratulations and much love xxoo
Congratulations!!! They are so cute!

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