Sunday, June 10, 2007

Babies together at last!

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i love them & you!!!!!!
your face in this picture looks just like a picture of when you were little :)
So beautiful! Congratulations!
You look so much thinner already. I am so glad that you are not pregnant anymore and the delivery went well and the boys are home and healthy. They look like their brother and sisters. I can't wait to meet them.
You look great!!!!!!
the prizes for all of your work!
You look so beautiful holding them and they are so precious. God has truly blessed you, they both look healthy and so cute! i can't wait to see them and the see them grow. Praying that they will Grow strong in Christ, Love you guys!
adorable!!! brady has your nose!!!
wish i could kiss them right now ...
i meant to say CARSON has your nose!!
oh, well, maybe they both do ... i'm just looking at pictures!!!
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