Thursday, May 10, 2007

Regarding the two pictures of coffee posted below: they are both "half-caf" aka half decaffeinated. Just so the pregnancy police rest assured. I think I blogged about the Starbucks guy who asked "are you sure you should be having that?" when I ordered an espresso a few months back...

Also, Jeff actually does make these. When I came to the point of saying "if you want an espresso I'll teach you how to make it but otherwise I can't get up right now" he decided to learn, and has become quite proficient! We discovered this drink at starbucks but actually like the ones we make better. This is my favorite thing in the world right now. I think. I'm hoping that even when I'm back to whatever normal will be after I have the twins he'll still make these for me.

Tomorrow I'll be 33 weeks, and I'll have Jeff take a lovely sideways picture before I waddle off to the doctor in the morning. It's a mix of laughable and astonishing when I see my image in the mirror. I went out today for the first time in a couple of days, and had I don't know how many people ask how many babies I was going to have. I suppose at this point it's obvious it's not just one?

We had an ultrasound on Monday and "Baby B" (about whom I am tempted to make certain predictions) completely turned upside down while the tech was trying to measure him. He has refused to cooperate during several ultrasounds in a row now, and I'm beginning to think he's a little rascal...hiding his face, running from the ultrasound thingy, kicking me to make me pay for his being disturbed. They were estimated to be about 5 pounds each, growing just about equally. My doctor keeps saying "you know there's a good chance they'll be identical." We'll see. If so, I might have some sort of identifying tattoo placed on B just so I know...just kidding. We still need to name them! It's anyone's guess at this point what they'll end up named. Nothing feels right to me yet.

you get the writing queen prize
Yer a goober.
name suggestions: Bronco & Thunder. j/k.
you didn't have a name for emmie either until after she was born, right? you still have plenty of time! they can always remain "a" and "b" until they are named. Love you guys. We hope your last days go smoothly.
ONLY seven weeks to go! (sorry! i know that was cruel)

glad to see you're blogging so much!

for names, i still like abby's suggestion of 'sam'...but what could go with it? how 'bout 'ham'- that's a good biblical name!
joo-doo, just remember that mother and dad got us involved in naming you and might want to offer a prize to your kids for coming up with the winning name :-)
It was great reading an update on you guys.

I checked out pictures of your shower over at Hannah's blog. Sorry I couldn't make it. I would have loved to come! Thanks to Hannah, I feel like I sort of got to attend! :)
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