Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today I was talking to Logan in the pool:
Me - Will you always be my special oldest boy?
Logan - Yup.
Me - And will you always take care of me?
Logan - Yup. Even when you're old and poor.

For those who wonder how I'm doing, let's just say that yesterday about twenty minutes before Jeff came home I laid down on the couch facing the back of the couch (for some strange reason) and suddenly realized I was pretty much stuck. It dawned on me as I was getting myself comfortable that I was going to be there until he came home and helped me up. So that's how I'm doing. I get myself stuck in places like...the couch. And I bump my stomach all the time because it sticks out so much further than I can even believe!

i can relate.
jsut talked with a friend whose twins are about 2 years older than ours ... and one of her twins is having twins!
That's funny, Judy! They have taken over your body! You look absolutely adorable when I see you at church! Twins will be so much fun and challenging! What a precious gift!

We have been praying for your sweet family and this pregnancy!

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