Friday, March 02, 2007


Emmie has a new devil-baby voice that she does and it cracks everyone up. We can't do "the voice" so it's her own special talent. When she does "the voice" she will say (over and over) "Wikki-wikki-bam-bam!" I don't know what this means. I don't know where this came from.

Just now I asked her, "Emmie, where does the word 'wikki-wikki-bam-bam' come from?"

Her immediate reply, "It comes from Target!"

I have no earthly idea.

Her other new talent is burping like an old man after a beer. It's insanely loud and long and then she just laughs! It's hard not to just laugh with her. Which I did the first many times. Only then did I realize that this burp would soon show up in contexts not to my liking if I didn't start to say motherly things like "it's not polite to burp like that" and "say excuse me if you burp." She is seriously becoming our class clown.

maybe she heard a drunk man in target waying wikki wikki bam bam
saying - not waying
maybe swaying & saying
Maybe she was a little drunk on an old apple-juice "bobby-ju".
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