Friday, March 30, 2007

what. have. i. done.

We got a dog. A pup. She's great! And crazy. She has gotten stuck under the porch about 4-5 times and has to be coaxed or dug out (I think she can't find her way out or something.) She keeps getting her head stuck between the rails of the porch. She cries when left alone, eats sleeps and poops. And the kids are insane with joy over her. I think we named her Etta (after Etta James, who we sometimes dance to as a family - you know, "At last my love has come along..." that song?)

I'll have to put pictures of her on - she's half border collie, quarter black lab and quarter australian shepherd. She's six weeks, and such a little momma's baby! For some reason I make her really happy.

you are Wonder-Woman ... three children, twin baby boys - and a puppy?!?! wow.
she likes you because of the black hair - you're her new momma
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