Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last night Emmie and I went to McD's playland and shared the joy of ice cream. One little convo went like this.

Me - Emmie, when the babies are born will you want to rock them and tell them stories?
Em - Yes. I'll tell them about dinosaurs. Do babies like dinosaurs?
Me - I think so.
Em - (With a devilish grin) I'll tell them about bad dinosaurs. Are babies scared of bad dinosaurs?
Me - I don't know. Do you want them to be scared?
Em - (thinks about it for a while.) Well, maybe I'll just tell them about good dinosaurs.

My hope is that she's coming round to the idea of two little brothers. Her first reaction wasn't so happy about that.

riot!can't wait to see them!
i like little boys. i want to play.
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