Wednesday, January 17, 2007

more Logan and Emmie


Emmie - I am NOT a human being!
Logan - Yes you are, Emmie.
Emmie - No I'm not!
Logan - Yes you are, you're a human being, Emmie.
Emmie - (freaking now) NO I'M NOT! I'M NOT A HUMAN BEING!

(I think she assumes that anything Logan calls her is mean.)

I don't blame her with the recent threats to her happiness.
"laughter does good like a medicine" That is why I read your blog. Your children say the funniest things. Thank you for sharing :)
I love reading about the funny things your kids say and do! However, I must confess that I have been checking back a little more regularly to see if you have found out what you are having yet. You will let those of us who are sitting on the edge of our computer chairs know, right?!?!
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