Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm just too tired to blog. Aside from the fact that I spent December having/getting over bronchitis (it wouldn't quit) there's no energy left to record my children's lives. It's very sad.

Today Riley coined a new word. By mistake, I guess, because she corrected herself. She asked Logan, "Did you do that automagically?" Then corrected it to automatically.

We had a nice Christmas. It seems very long ago. My mom comes tomorrow to stay while Jeff's away in sunny California. I kept singing "California Dreamin'" today.

I'm writing like I'm tired. Short sentences are all I can handle. Supposedly I'm going to get more energy now that I'm in my second trimester. It's not kicking in yet. At least I can drink coffee again - at least usually.

We just came home from Awana and the kids are eating Clementines which they love because they can peel easily. Time for bed now (that's when I sing "it's the most wonderful time of the day" and they all say "Moh-ohhm!"

hey, girl, i remember that feeling.
so sorry, but 6 months from now ... "it will be worth it all ..."

how we will love those babies!!!

love to all of you. praying for you often.
My old boss used to say "automagically" all the time. Such a funny word that's not really a word. I hope your energy level does increase. It's hard to be drained like pregnancy takes it out of you and trying to take care of kids. I remember loving the part of my pregnancies when I could finally drink coffee again! I hope you're having a great visit with your mom.
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