Monday, January 22, 2007

For the curious...

Next Monday (the 29th) I'm scheduled for an ultrasound, and hope to know what we have on the way. Currently, the majority of my home is "voting" (a vote with absolutely no influence) for a boy and a girl. Logan said today "but don't even think about putting one of the babies in my room!" But he's hoping for a brother and said "I know that when they come out they can't do anything but cry and sleep but when he gets bigger he'll do stuff with me."

In a step of HUGE progress, Emmie announced today that she's willing to give up her crib and is ready for a bed, and that the babies can have her crib. My unusual three-year old has been extremely attached to her crib and has fought off any mention of moving her to a bed thus far. I also told her I'm not buying any more pullups and she's going to have to learn to go potty on the toilet. She agreed that it's time and said she's ready. So we'll see how this goes. She really hasn't wanted to so far.

Riley said (about the twins) that she doesn't care what they are, she just wants one to take care of. We'll see how long that desire lasts after they arrive...


tell logan that he made my day.

and soooo happy for the potty-training progress.
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