Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Every now and then I get the urge to I made the kids each a hat this past week. Last night I made one for Emmie out of "leftovers" - it's three colors that don't go altogether perfectly, but cute. When I gave it to her this morning she took one look at it and said, "Oh, Momma! Did you make me my 'nother clown hat?" (It looks to her like a dress-up clown hat she has.) Then she went and found the clown hat and wore them simultaneously. So flattering to my ego.

I. Love. Emmie. :) So much personality!

Ugh on the Jell-O; but I know what you mean. I did that with Elizabeth and Annie. Yucko! I'm trying to convince my husband to not have "Monk Moments" (that's hilarious) with our Christmas tree.
It takes every bit of willpower for me not to rip the tree apart! It's freaking me out.
too funny!! better get your urge to crochet out now, because in about six months it WON'T be happening for a long time!!
funny, I crocheted a hat for Hailey this week, too! Turns out I really made it for her DOLL! ;) Oh well, it was my first hat project.
put a picture of the 'nother clown hat on your blog. i'm dying to see all three of them in their new duds.
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