Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Emmie - "I don't like Bob (VeggieTales Bob) because he's too serious. I like Larry because he's silly."

I overheard Riley telling my mom about our Sundays and it went something like this, "Well, we go to church and I go to my class and then get picked up and go to big church then we go home and eat some lunch and then my mom lies down on the floor...or the couch..." That's about accurate these days!

I made them an Advent Calendar (if I've already blogged that, oh well, I can't remember anything lately) and it's been a good way to stave off the "how many days till Christmas" thing because they can just go count. We put up the fake tree, and it's already demolished - stuff hanging all askew because Emmie constantly rearranges it. I briefly thought about taking everything off and redoing it (a Monk moment) but decided not to add one more thing to the list of "Reasons Why My Mom's a Freak" that they will have when they are older (you know it's going to happen - we'll be sitting around at Christmas in fifteen or twenty years and they'll be remembering all the weird things I ever did [I know because we do it to my mom - sorry mom] - well, I decided not to make this one of them.)

On top of morning sickness I now have bronchitis, so I cough and then throw up. It's really fun. It makes eating jello a whole new treat. There are some things you never want to eat again once you've seen them come back up. Sorry for the graphic ending to this little update...just making you part of my world.

I can relate to the end...one word...well, maybe not. I don't want to promote any need to go hug the "throne". I am praying for you :)
Wow we prayed for you last night. I also asked Jeff before I knew about the elders meeting, why he left you home sick, pregnant and with the 3 kids. Thought it was a little cruel seeing you need rest, but it made sense when he mentioned the elders meeting, although there was childcare, but I think I recall the meeting lasts quite a bit longer than 222. Get well soon.
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