Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mornings are a little crazy around here. It used to be crazy until I had a cup of coffee. Now that the thought of coffee makes me want to run for the bathroom, things are just plain crazy. I wish my digital camera had been working...but for a word picture, this was breakfast. Emmie had the saggy pull-up, so I changed her but her pj's were soaked so she remained half-naked for an irresponsible amount of time. I decided to just feed her anyway and wait until I had enough energy to go up for dry clothes. Half-way through breakfast she got the urge to go find her tu-tu, put it on and came back to finish her "yo-yo's" as she still calls Cheerios. She then proceeded to hop up and do a little half-naked ballerina dance between every bite. I figure that I could get all anal and make her put clothes on or I could just be a little bit of a hippie for a while and let her be free and unhindered. She spent the rest of the morning in and out of her unicorn costume while we attempted to do schoolwork. Of course, she demands to have schoolwork as well (she's very insistent and who am I to squelch her little learning-hungry spirit) so it's a bit of a juggle.

Logan's latest is to "attack" Emmie with a giant Elmo (of whom she's now a little afraid.) He makes the Elmo growl and lunge toward her and she is genuinely terrified. It's sad, and it's also really funny.

And Riley - poor Riley's latest is "I want to be alone!" How can she be getting the moody teenage girl thing at 7? She hides with a book and tries to be left alone, but picks really bad hiding spots and gets pestered by Emmie who thinks it's just a game.

i remember a little 7 year old girl, trying to find alone spots to read.....
Yes, I'm sure of it now - Emmie and Katherine ARE kindred spirits. I can see the tutu thing happening in my house. And I hate to admit, I would probably leave her in her tutu all day if we weren't going anywhere - proof that I'm either too laid back or too lazy (and more likely, it's the latter). I'm sure she was adorable!
It's probably very healthy for a child to be at least a little scared of Elmo.

Same thing for clowns.
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