Monday, November 13, 2006

Logan recently acquired a set of camo coveralls. He has one new goal in life: to go hunting. He asks Jeff every day if he'll take him hunting now. Are you kidding me?

Riley still wants to be a "Coffee Bell Worker" when she grows up. Coffee Bell is what my kids call Starbucks, a holdover from when Logan was two. I usually say something like "it's a great job to work while you're going through college!" Her latest addition of what she wants to be is a race car driver. She's been set on this since driving her own go-cart this summer. She wants me to be looking out for something for her to wear to the Awana "Career Night" that looks like a race car driver. I love her.

grampa will take him hunting - nathan wants to go to... yikes!
Logan can come hunt palmetto bugs in need a license for some of them down here.
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