Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last night we came home really late from our college Bible study, and Emmie was having a hard time going up the steps. She kept saying "Carry me!" and my hands were full, so I didn't. When she got to the top she said "my legs are nervous." I said "do you mean tired?" "No, they're not tired, they're nervous." ???

I went to our church's share and swap this morning and got some stuff for the kids. They each put new outfits on right away - Logan has a Razorback t-shirt and sweatshirt on with new pants, and Riley decided to be "Pink Girl" (that's what she calls it when she wears all one color.) Pink head to toe. Very cute.

When Logan found out I had already gone to share and swap and he wasn't getting to go he sat down and bawled. It was very sad. Jeff took pity on him and took him and Riley up (he was already being sent to the grocery store.) The kids love to paw through the toys - it's all free, but I usually only let them pick one thing, maybe two.

It's cool again after the weird week of warm weather. I prefer my November to be cool. I guess it's just how I was raised. Of course, my southernized children think that 50-degree weather is "freezing" - literally, when it's like this Riley will keep asking if it will snow now.

Yesterday I pulled something out for Emmie to wear and she looked at it with disdain and said "That's not beautiful!" My little fashionista.

my legs feel nervous sometimes too - tell Em.
Ooooh, love Anita for helping me find you. Consider yourself stalked. And oh my...I think Katherine and Emmie are twins. After being in nursery with her Sunday morning and reading this, I'm convinced!
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