Monday, October 16, 2006

Emmie's eating cereal and just said "I don't wanna eat like a dog, I wanna eat like a human!" Okay, so sometimes I tell her to eat like a human...she's still funny.

Yesterday while we were watchin football she said "I don't like football. It's too tacky-ish." Did she mean tackle-ish? Or that the uniforms are tacky?

She's so great.

Now she's running to me yelling "Logan's attacking me! Don't you wanna go and spank him?"

Emmie and I can be good friends. I don't like football either.
you tell her i'm not gonna send her a ticket to one o' cousin kyle's games, then ...

and you'd better warn logan that from here on out, he will not get away with a single thing. (poor kid)

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