Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Last night Emmie had an emotional meltdown, captured in these two sentences (crying), "I just don't want to talk right now! I just want to be alone!"

Sunday we had a baby shower here for Spring, and Logan (very cute in his little tie that he left on most of the day) was told to stay upstairs with Dad and Em. I found him on the steps crying because he just wanted to come to the party. After trying to talk him out of wanting to come down, I let him come in and watch Spring open some presents. He leaned toward someone near him after watching for a bit and said "They're not all going to be shirts, are they? I know they can't all be shirts!" Not very exciting to the little buddy.

Now, here's another one of those kid conversations where you just wonder if you can make it through another day. We went to Taco Bell and they gypped us out of a chicken soft taco. So we stopped back by on our way home and Jeff ran in to get it.
Ri - Why did Dad go in?
Me - To get the taco they forgot to give us.
Ri - What?
Me - They forgot a taco. They gypped us a taco.
Ri - What? What did they give us instead?
Me - Huh?
Ri - Well, what did they give us instead of the taco?
Me - Nothing. We paid for a taco, and they forgot to put it in the bag.
Ri - What?
Me - A taco. They forgot a taco.
Ri - So what did they give us instead?
(Insert moment of frustration.)
Me - Riley, they didn't give us anything, that's why we're here. They forgot to give us the taco we paid for. Do you understand?
Ri - No. What did they give us instead?
Me - Nothing. They gave us nothing instead, nothing. It cost two bucks and they didn't give it to us and that's why we're here - to get the taco we paid for because they didn't give it to us. Do you understand?
Ri - Not really.
(At which point I let it go.)

Riley lost another tooth - I need to get a picture of this. Her other front tooth hasn't dropped down and so it's a space, a tooth and a space. When she grins it's kind of funny and cute. She didn't want anyone to pull it and I promised I wouldn't as long as she didn't want me to. But it was just hanging and starting to really bother Jeff, so the other day he said "just pull it!" and she freaked, and having promised I decided to compromise. I offered her a dollar if she'd let me just yank it out - she's into money right now so that worked. Plus she got to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

I like my children.

i like them too
enjoy it. after awhile, a buck doesn't go quite as far.
I have the same kind of conversations with some of my customers. . .especially if I'm working at our store that is next to both a mental health clinic and a shelter. Always an interesting day there. It's sad to see the state that people are in. . .on 8 different psyc meds (not kidding). I'm happy if they can just tell me their name sometimes.
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