Thursday, September 21, 2006

I had Emmie to myself last night for a bit while the kids where at Awana. (She cried for a few minutes that she doesn't have a class...)

Em (as we're pulling out from the church) - Mom, laugh!
Me - Ha, ha ha.
Em - Laugh again!
Me - La, la la.
Em - Not like that! Say "Hose, hose hose."
Me - Hose hose hose.
Em - Huh? I said the wrong word. Say "Ho ho ho."
Me - Ho ho ho.
Em - You're like Santa Claus! Hey, Santa goes to Christmas!
Me - What does he do there?
Em - He brings smelly socks!
Me - What does he do with them?
Em - He puts them in the laundry!

Today I tried a new recipe - "Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes" - and while I liked it (as did Jeff) the children did not. Not originally from this region, I really had no idea how spicy these little chipotles are. I followed the recipe and hadn't tasted it yet (although my first clue should have been that a spot on my chin was burning were I had touched it with chipotle-laced fingers but I didn't know that was what it was from) when Emmie spooned a big bite into her mouth and then yelled and grabbed her tongue. I didn't make her eat it.

Did you get this recipe from Hardin's? I have it on my list of things to make this week.
Yes! It was really good but just use like half a pepper! When I went back to Hardin's to pick up the sweet potatoes (they forgot to put them in the basket) he said a lot of people have said that a whole pepper might be a little much...
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