Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Yesterday in the van, Emmie was yelling at Logan (I think he was kicking her seat or some other older-brotherish trick).

Me - Emmie stop screaming at Logan.
Emmie - (yelling again) Logan stop it!
Me - Emmie, I said stop yelling.
Emmie - No, you said stop screaming.

We're in our third week of school. It's generally going well. Juggling them is a bit of a trick, but if Emmie's happy then we're all happy. She gets little worksheets to do (and knows several of her letters) and enjoys things like matching same objects, picking longest or shortest, and doing simple mazes. She's pretty great.

Riley's favorite thing is probably the book we're reading right now - Baby Island - for her reading and comprehension. It's a fun story about a ship that goes down and two little girls have to take care of four babies on a deserted island until they are rescued. She's also starting a journal (I get ideas from Hannah Senn), filled with stuff like "I like my friends. I like soccer."

Logan zips through all his work. Math is a breeze, reading is a breeze. He really likes the books about mummies that we got for history this year (Old Testament/Ancient Egypt). Except that going to bed last night he was all worried about how they made mummies - "did they push that fuzz into their mouths and everything?"

So the challenge is to keep stuff for Emmie to do - right now she's roaming and looking for trouble.

love hearing all about the babies ... miss you all bunches.
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